We’ll happily share our working methods with you. After all, we have nothing to hide. The starting point is your complex vacancy. After a thorough inventory of the task, we begin profiling. Our researchers start networking intensively, mapping out the lay of the land in the relevant labour market for your role. First of all, we choose appropriate sectors. Next, we pinpoint suitable organisations for these sectors, to then scan them for suitable candidates. The result is up-to-date and complete labour market information which relates to your organisation and your job opening, presented to you in the form of a longlist of potential candidates whom we discuss together with you. It’s then up to you to highlight preferred candidates, or indeed, those companies or candidates we shouldn’t approach.

Our consultants set to work with this longlist. They will contact and inform potential candidates of the opportunity outside of office hours. To facilitate decision making, interested candidates receive further details by email. Consequently, we are left with a pool of people who have carefully considered their candidacy for the job. Thorough interviews and research then help us screen and select a number of these to shortlist. Lastly, the resulting shortlist of interested and qualified candidates is presented to you in a clear report. The process takes around two months.

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