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Job vacancies come in all shapes and sizes. But your job isn’t just any job. Indeed, some vacancies are so complex that you could count the number of potential candidates on one hand. They call for unique knowledge and expertise, specific professional experience or particular qualifications. Sometimes, finding the people you need can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It can be hard work, to say the least. That is, if you aren’t Abbott. As a modern-day headhunter, it’s our business to solve your recruitment issues.

Our research process focuses on a very specific, scarce labour market. A labour market which is immune to the powers of LinkedIn, ad campaigns or recruitment agencies. Abbott is your partner in executive search. Our consultants begin their search where yours came to a halt. This enables them to identify potential candidates and approach them in a discrete and effective manner. The consultants then go on to unerringly convince the headhunted that yours is the job that offers them what they’re looking for.

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